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100% Natural Aloe Vera Products!

Now shipping to Europe (including Germany)!

Who Are We?

We are Nick and Hella Kirtley and we love to travel to the Canary Islands for the superb climate, the beautiful sea and the lovely scenery.

It is here we have discovered the so many hidden beneficial qualities of the Aloe Vera plant.

Because of our enthusiasm about the aloe vera workings we now import aloe vera products from GuiAloe from Gran Canaria. We have established a personal relationship with this farmer/producer and have visited his Aloe Vera farm.

We have chosen this particular brand because we believe and are convinced this brand to be an honest product.

These GuiAloe products are organically grown and not tested on animals.

We also import an aloe vera range from the renowned Instituto Espanol in southern Spain.                      

Instituto Espanol is a specialist manufacturer of high quality skincare products. 

It is a tested and successful, trusted global brand built from over a century of experience, allowing them to offer the very best products now in The Netherlands.

Out of their broad range of products we have carefully selected a soothing range of moisturizers, body lotions, body creams, body oils and shower gels.

All of these have great qualities of absorption, feel and fragrance.

The state-of-the-art skincare technology is renowned in international markets.

They use excellent natural key ingredients in their products to provide the right dermatological outcomes.